14 Top Reasons to Celebrate Getting Elderly

I will be the first to acknowledge that I am self-conscious concerning ageing. Not too much the amount (that is climbing into some happy 38 years of this season ) but instead I can physically observe the youth leaving my body as lifestyle encounter replaces it. Getting old is a difficult pill to swallow, but just like everybody else, I must take action, so why don’t you examine the bright side, right? Therefore, here are 14 reasons for blowing one more birthday candle is not such a terrible thing.

1. Retirement

If you have done everything you can to put up yourself for a comfortable retirement, you can go into your golden years with enthusiasm. Even if your finances are not quite there yet, you are still able to make it work. You might be unable to travel the entire world because you intended, but things change, and you’re going to discover a way to take advantage of everything you have got. Complete retirement may not be exactly what you need anyway so that part-time retirement could be more your speed. Essentially, you’d have the liberty you have envisioned, but you would fill a number of the free time earning money doing something you like, such as working part-time in a store in the town, forcing for Lyft or even Uber, or creating crafts which you may sell on Etsy.

2. You are more comfortable with your self

As soon as you get over the barrier of transitioning from a 20-something-looking 30-something to a full-scale 40-looking 40-something, it begins to get easier. While I am still worried about ageing, I am less concerned about it because I was — just like when I’d five 25th birthdays since turning 30 was simply too frightening. I take the procedure, plan a fantastic birthday with somebody I adore, and also have fun. Superficiality aside, there are plenty of different things that I am more comfortable with today versus 10 decades back, like my private and professional achievements, the connections I’ve got, my very own freedom, and getting enough cash to splurge on travelling and pleasant dinners rather than bulk-buying ramen and cheap booze.

3. Discounts galore

Senior discounts are amazing, but before you become an official mature, you are going to begin getting discounts on matters like auto insurance, which provides savings based on age and decent driving records as time passes.

4. Your priorities change

What matters changes as you get older and encounter life’s landmarks, such as getting married and with kids. Neither of these things is in the cards for me I did the prior after, and that is sufficient — but my very own priorities have shifted based on which I’d like for my future and the way I intend to invest my cash, such as my mortgage, that can be much more significant than the frivolous stuff on I used to squander cash.

5. True friends show themselves

We go through a lot during our own lives, and these disasters will make or break friendships and other relationships. I used to believe quantity mattered in regards to friends, but in the long run, it is the caliber of individuals with whom you surround your self, which will enhance your life. At this point, I would rather have one dedicated person on the sofa with me to a Friday night than pretend to enjoy the business of 20 acquaintances in a bar, not one of whom will be ready to provide me a ride home if I wanted it.

6. Sex is much better

Perhaps it’s because it requires more time, generally speaking, to perform the deed as you become old, but I have found sex to be significantly more passionate and purposeful in my 30s than it had been in my 20s, and that is whether I am in a relationship or not. In addition, you become more confident, and less tolerable of egotistical partners, so that your criteria go up, the gender you’ve only improved over time.

7. You Learn How to let the small things go

What Happens when I was younger — every. Little. Thing. — does not anymore. I don’t have the type of time that I did back then to be concerned about the trivial inconveniences. I brush it off and proceed.

8. Searching for the acceptance of others is something of the past

Do I care what people think about me? Yes. I’d be lying if I said I did not. However, as I have gotten older, I care about how they see me about the surface — just how I dress, how I look, the type of car I drive — versus how they see my personality. I have also accepted that I can not please everyone, so there is no use in trying. Only do you personally, and everything else will fall in to place.

9. Age truly is Only a number

As soon as you get to a certain age, what’s age? Can 50 feel otherwise than 60? I am not there yet. However, I feel much better physically, mentally, and emotionally than I did when I turned 30, making me less afraid to reach another milestone birthday.

10. You do not need to do things that you do not need to

I do not attend vacations or weddings or family holidays. I do not need to anymore. Life is too short to spend as much time (and cash ) becoming uneasy. Can this hurt other people’s feelings? Perhaps. But there is a reason I am saying no to those occasions. It is because it gets me sense uneasy, and that I come in terms of relaxation.

11. Food is much better at parties

We hardly ate at celebrations in my 20s, and when I did, it was bags of processors. Now, however, in my 30sI attend celebrations with plates of hor’s d’ oeuvres that hosts spend hours making. I will take fine crab puffs over stale chips daily.

12. You make more money (hopefully)

The older you get, the more experience you gain, and your paycheck proceeds to signify that. Additionally, you get to invest in a house, kids, and other items you imagined spending cash on as a normal “grown-up.”

13. You worry less about your physical appearance

I worry about my physical appearance, and I am at the gym, hoping to ward off pounds on a regular basis. However, I’ve eased up on myself over time, and focus more on the health advantages of persistent perspiration sessions, instead of consuming six- or eight-pack stomach.

14. Now you have a lifetime worth of memories and mementoes

I have a lot of fond memories at age 36, and I really feel as if my life is only getting started. I am looking forward to looking back to the memories 20 years from today. I hope that I make myself proud.

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